Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Cushions

It has been a bit crazy here at our house over the last week, getting back into the swing of school.  I haven't been able to see where craft time fits in yet but hopefully I can squeeze some in somewhere...  I did finish off the last cushion for some new cushion covers that were hideously overdue.

I bought this fabulous bundle of mixed home decor fat quarters for US $28 from Etsy store Imagine Fabric.   I had been needing to do cushions for months but couldn't get the vision for what fabrics I wanted so when I found this random bundle on Etsy I knew it was perfect.  I love the challenge of making what you have got work, it limits the decision making process.  The really surprising thing is that some of the fabrics that first jumped out at me as special are no longer my favourites and ones I was quite non-plused about are!

7 Little cushions and one patched big cushion.
Being fat quarters there was enough for one cushion face
 per piece of fabric and scraps left over to sew together for one big cushion.
These are two of my favourites 
My other two favourites, I nearly ditched the grey
fabric but I love it against the dark chair.

Needless to say the children (and I) are
having lots of fun choosing which way to arrange them.
Side A 
Side B

For anybody who may be interested in the more technical details; I kept the cushion inserts in their old covers so they would act as liners, save me making more.  Also the new fabric is home decor weight so shouldn't stretch or change shape too much.  I used a hidden zip but I am still not quite sure how I did it I just know it worked on the day.  I looked at a few tutorials on line but none really worked for me so I winged it a bit.  The first was a bit a dodgy but by the last it was pretty good.  The big cushion is just a big envelope.   


  1. Fab cushion covers! :) Love the color mix. I think I'm with you on the faves - such yummy colours. Great job! :)

  2. I LOVE those fabrics! Very vintage looking :)
    Dropping by from creative spaces :)

  3. A patchwork of cushions! They add so much colour and beauty to your couch.

  4. Just lovely. I particularly like the blue rose one :)

  5. Bec, I love your choice of fabrics and then the larger patchwork one. I've just got a new lounge and I'm trying to decide on colours and patterns for new cushion covers. This is a great idea! (PS I'm a Brisbane blogger and have a weekly linky party called "Thriving on Thursday" where I feature frugal tips and hints, recipes and crafts. I'd love for you to link up this post if you get a minute. thanks)

    Anne xx