Tuesday, February 7, 2012

O'craft room O'craft room how I yearn for thee...

For some time now I have been trying to work out how I can get a craft room.  I have tried to get the children to share rooms, I have tried to reclaim the garage and Mr Daddy even consented to having some extension plans drawn up.  But none of it quite works.  At the moment I have a nook in the laundry for sewing...

All the paper craft, drawing things have been in Miss M's room.  Poor Miss M, this room is such a mish mosh.  (This is technically the spare room and has had a turn of being everything - a library/reading room when we just had one the child, home to international students when it was just the four of us, a nursery when Master B's came along, then back to a spare/craft room and most recently Miss M's room.)

The paper craft gear Miss M kindly shares her 
desk and shelf space with. 

Fabric canvases left over from Baby B's days.

 And then there is the down stairs study that has the computer and all the other bits and pieces I need access to.  Imagine if they could all come together in the one place!!!  I am open to suggestions.
Homework station


  1. What about a cute little outdoor shed- one of those pretty wooden ones! Instead of a typical 'man cave' it could be a super awesome 'craft cave'.

    My parents converted our old garage into an extra room and it has turned out really well as a spare room/office. I think you're doing really well at the moment though, all of your crafty gear looks very organised and cleverly stored away! :)

  2. I agree. You do look very organised as you are, but I completely understand your yearning. Could you relocate a homework station somewhere close to your kitchen and family area and claim the study as your own. I think the shed idea is a good one too. Have you looked on pinterest for inspiration?

  3. Hmmmm.........what can I say ?