Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Op Shop Finds

Now that we are out of the baby/toddler years I am reintroducing house plants.  It just didn't work when every one was younger, many a plant was dug up and much dirt was strewn.  We have found some great plant holders in our recent  Op/Charity Shop outings.  We love treasure hunting in our house, sometimes I think I buy more than I donate but that's another post.

We have some great Op shops around us but as Heather Nette King  blogged about the other day, Op shops are a changing.  Heather was saying some of the shops around her were glamming up, we don't have that so much but the prices ARE going up.  What gets me so cross is when sometimes the ticketed price is more that it would have cost new.  My pet hates are over priced Kmart/Millars/Target and Ikea stuff,  horrible clothes in bad condition at $12 plus a piece,  Mcdonalds toys over $1.  Cruddy Barbies for $10 - you can buy a new one for $7.

I was in one shop the other day (and  I have a witness) I asked the price for an old piece of nylon kitchen window netting (about 1 m x 45 cm,) you could see the woman crunching figures in her head as she calculated my capacity to pay, then said "$8.00"  rip off - $3 tops!  Needless to say I didn't buy it.  Turn over is good ladies.

Sorry, I promise that is my rant over, I was supposed to be writing about indoor plants.  Here are some fantastic things I found for putting my pot plants in ....

70's Brass work, perfect for Maiden Hair.

How cool is this swan, I haven't found just the right plant
yet but she has been put to good use as a dolly boat by the girls.

And this dinky little clay pot made in a plaster mold
 - remember making them Mum and Aunty L?

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