Monday, April 30, 2012

Election Stalls

Here in Queensland we have just has two elections within a month, which means fund raising opportunities for the school! I think running a little stall is superb I love playing shop.  At the first election I was involved in the plant stall.  A month before the election we brought punnets of seedling for our local nursery, repotted them into larger pots, nurtured them and watched them grow.
             My washing line area was turned into a mini nursery, look at all these little babies...
We offered Veggie Patch plants, mainly herbs and tomatoes and a few beneficial insect attracting flowers.  Our most popular plant was coriander followed by basil and marigolds.
 For the second Election we organized a cake stall, I think cake stalls are my favourite.  School families donated their home baked goods, we packaged them up and sold them off to passing votes.
Whole home made cakes sold quickly, followed by pretty cup cakes, then mixed plates with a few slices of different cakes, also anything with coconut on top looked beautiful and was popular.
Thank-you to everyone that helped us raise valuable funds and show the public what a great cakes our school can make.

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