Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Machine Covers

I have finally and I mean finally got around to making covers for my sewing machines.   For years my overlocker has been covered by the plastic shopping bag cover it came with, how dreadful is that.   The sewing machine I use is actually Mum's (thanks Mum for the what seems to have turned into a permeant loan,) and would have to be at least 20 years old.  It does have a fantastic hard covered plastic case that it came with but the plastic is perishing and it the case takes up as much space as the machine when the machine is in use.

Before - can you see how ripped and filthy the overlocker case is?
How have I let it get that bad???
After - how much nicer is that?

I just made a simple rectangular slip case and then cut off and sewed up the inside corners, to create a gusset so it sits well on top.  Great way to use up all that ever growing pile of scraps and fat quarters.
Covers from the Top
A side 
B side

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