Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Huge Purple Thank-you

Thank-you so much to all the purple crafters who swapped purple.  There were about 30 of us in the end and some amazing things were made.   Here are a few more pictures of all things purple....

Gorgeous girls necklaces by Kelly

Munty the marvelous bear by Tracey 
Even some computer art - by Claudia

What an amazing  selection of purple hair accessories by Jennifer.   ( I happen to know that this bundle arrived at a house with two little red haired girls, how cute are they going to look.)

An enormous thank-you to all those kind people who donated money to our Every Day Hero Fundraising Account for Epilepsy QLD .  I am blown away that we raised over $1000.00.   I was seriously bought to tears many a time by peoples generosity and kind messages.  Thank-you everyone who helped raise awareness and made Epilepsy a topic of conversation.  
Purple day/night in Brisbane City.  Many of the city light turned purple and the local news was filmed with the purple  kids as a back drop.

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