Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Make a Terrarium (scroll down for Sophie's movie)

There are so many beautiful Terrariums around at the moment, I just love what Squiggily Rainbow has been doing with hers.  So Miss S and I thought we would have a go.  I found this yucky set of jars at an op shop, a bit nasty for a kitchen bench but fantastic for a Terrarium.  Miss S loves hers so much I keep finding it in odd spots around the house as she moves around to play with it, hmmm.

Before - Yucky old glass jars

Ingredients - clean jars, gravel, bark, soil and plants

Give it a good water and clean off any dirt,
carefully tip out any excess water and Finished

Sitting it its new home.
This is Miss S's latest movie

Coincidentally I just discovered that Squiggily Rainbow is having a Terrarium give away, click here to enter.

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  1. That was great timing! My Master S is loving making documentaries at the moment! So cute! xxx