Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Shower Quilt

Aunty L recently had her baby shower and being the Art teacher that she is, planned a cracking project for us all.  We all had to decorate a calico square to be sewn into a wall hanging/quilt.  Aunty L has a knack for aiming high and achieving the incredible (when we all thought we were going to sip tea and nibble cake.)  Here are some snaps...

Aunty E's patch in the making
Ms C hard at work
Pedal to the metal
Beautiful garden by Miss S
Big Flower by Aunty L
Squirrel With Nut on a Hill by Miss M
Turtle by artist unknown
Cat - collaborative work started by Ms J,
embellished by Aunty L and I
Chook - artist unknown
Mine, its a bit dodgy

Magical River With Bridge and Hot Air Balloon
artist unknown
Ocean going Hermit Crab by Grandma Gia
Rainbow With Small Dog in Red Coat by Grandma M
in collaboration with Aunty L

There are quite a few more squares I am not sure why I don't have photos of them???  I thought I had got them all (I wonder if a certain child might have deleted some because the card was full??)   Oh well that just means I will have to do another post another day.

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