Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Next Crochet Bag Project

I have started my next crochet project and have possible bitten off more that I can handle.  I am using a combination of patterns from Attic 24.  The base of the bag is from Lucy's Flat Circle Pattern  and for sides I am planning to use Lucy's Neat Ripple Pattern .  I am not sure how I will do the handle yet but I am hoping it will be a perfected version of the strap from my last bag.

The colours are fantastic, I spent ages deciding what order they would go in.
More lovely fibers from Tangled Yarns

I am still not sure why my Flat Circle doesn't look like Lucy's,
and I do not recommend drinking while crafting.
Craft and wine do not mix for me, I had a little bit to undo the next day,
but it sure is fun at the time.


  1. I can't work it out either...

    I'm loving the colours too... but I will ignore your advice not to drink and craft if that's ok with you ;)

  2. the colours are soo pretty. I like your other bag too.Lovely colours