Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crochet Garland for Violet

Well Aunty L's baby is here, before we managed to finish the quilt or for that matter, before her mother managed to get to a suitable birthing venue.  Beautiful baby Violet was born in the foyer of the Brisbane Mater Mothers!  Aunty L made it just inside the automatic doors, gave a primal scream, dropped to the floor and delivered baby's head.  The hospital were amazing and swung into Code Red Foyer action and the rest of baby Violet was born.  A very public, public hospital birth.

Well done to may amazing sister you are my hero, to Uber Grandma and Uncle M you guys are super.

AWWWW - Beautiful Photo by Chani Ridley

Now a name like Violet, how many craft opportunities do you think that inspired in me...  so many beautiful wools too buy from Tangled Yarns in so many shades.

I had lots of fun making this crochet garland for Violet.
Her cot is right next to white timber shutters and
everyone knows white timber shutters need to be decorated with crochet.

(I was actually trying to crochet bunting but I got really really mixed up reading the pattern so went with 6 different shapes. Can you see the dud triangle?)


  1. Buying all of those different shades of violet was a given! Now beautiful baby Violet will have the most gorgeous garland around.