Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Apples

We have had our first fruit from the apple tree, how exciting is that.  I wasn't sure when to pick them, how do you know when an apple is ripe?  I googled it, and the advice was to pick and taste test regularly or when the apples start to fall from the tree.  As I only had two apples from two trees they were too precious to taste test, so I thought I would wait for them to fall.  Then all the crazy QLD weather came along and blew them off the tree.
On the tree in late Dec.
Feb, how perfect do they look!!!
With a small domestic Granny Smith.
The cutest apple ever.

It is a Tropical Anna Apple bred for a sub tropical climate, I would like to say it was delicious but I have to say I give it about a 5 out of ten.  But for a first effort they were amazing, can't wait too see what we get next year.

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