Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Purple Pom Poms and Prizes

Its all about High Teas and micro planning at our house this week.  The count down to our Purple Day Epilespy Fundraiser  is on!   All over the house I have piles of stuff preened and puffed all ready to go.
Tea Pots. Would you believe it was cheaper to buy them than to hire?
I got them marked down in Target and I am still under budget. 

 It seems people don't buy many tea pots these days.  
Tissue paper Pom Poms always a favourite.
Although we got halfway through a ream of paper then realised
 it would be far more sensible to leave them unfluffed for transporting.
I think we just got carried away because they are so satisfying to make.

Lots and lots and lots of prizes.
Thank-you to the very generous business owners in our neck of the woods
who donated all sorts of treasures. 

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