Sunday, March 17, 2013

Handmade 40th Gifts

You know that party life cycle that begins with 18th parties, then 21st's, then engagements, weddings, christenings  then followed by a few quiet years then the 40ths begin?  Well I am there, the 40ths have begun.  My friend Ms S turned 40 and marked the occasion with what seemed like nearly 40 girlfriends (Ms S's Superpower is the ability to make and keep friends forever.)  Because I live miles away it was decided I should have a sleep over and then in the morning we would go fabric shopping.  It was so exciting, my children were so incredulous that I should be able to have a life sleep over.

A fabulous night was had, much wine was drunk and I had a lovely nights sleep sharing my bed with no one.   After a somewhat sluggish start to the morning we then managed to power on and brought metres of beautiful fabric (more on the fabric another day.)  Ms S is a girl after my own heart and loves all things handmade and wool.  So here's what I gave her, I know its a bit weird for a 40th but it is very her.

A beautiful ball of her very own Noro, a crochet pin cushion 
and a crochet soap bag.
I love this crochet pin cushion design and have been
 keen to make one ever since I was lucky enough to
 receive one in a craft swap.  
This is a little soap bag I am playing with the design
and might even write up the pattern one day.
You can hang it from the tap and it holds all those little bits
 of soap and you can also use like a face washer.
And as you can see I was also working the Purple Day colour scheme.

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  1. She sounds like just the right kind of friend. I'm glad you were allowed a bit of child-free life. My children also struggle with that concept...