Friday, April 12, 2013

Plants in Shells

There are some awesome images on Pinterest of plants in shells, so we thought we would have a go.  We didn't have suitable air plants for the Sea Urchin shells so we used a teaspoon to put some soil in and planted little succulent cuttings in them.

Stick covered in an Epiphyte, (air plant) poked into some coral.
Jade cutting in an urchin shell.
Succulent pup in an urchin shell, I think this is my favourite.

I am not sure where to put them now, I am playing with the lounge room and the bathroom maybe I will do a week about?


  1. Beaut idea! - love your willow pot as well - Jen

    1. I think they go best with the Willow pot too.

  2. oh my!! I just love these and think I'll have to make some!! now where to fine some sea urchin shells in Minnesota ;)

  3. Beautiful so simple but effective they look lovely x

  4. these look great....the colour combo is perfect. x