Monday, April 15, 2013

The Perfect Crochet Accessory

I am plodding along with my Granny Square Shrug.   I am at that uninspiring stage where I just need to do 60 cms of plain granny rows all in the same colour.  I have 20 cm's to go and it's very dull.  I am trying to do at least a row a day.   On Easter day I got 3 rows done!  How, well I had my secret weapon.  My 2 year old niece Miss Indigo.

 For nearly an hour I had her by my side chatting away, telling me all about chickens and dogs.  I didn't want to move and risk her running off to play, I was hogging her all to myself.

 It was just magic and she was so taken by the crochet, so taken in fact she lay down to test out my shrug and I snuck in some pats and a bit of back stroking and she drifted off.  What a lucky Aunty I am.

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