Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boys Shorts and Skinned Knees

Master B is a skin your knee kind of kid, and it happens a lot.  Especially when he insists on riding his scooter backwards down our neighbors sloping driveway.  So I always make him long shorts that cover his knees in hope that they may help keep some of his skin in place.   He loves his shorts and always checks that any new pairs have been made by me (I am not sure who else he thinks makes them for him.)
One of my first pairs, one of the girls even tried to help make these ones.  In doing so they cut a hole in the seat, so it sports a contrasting patch.  The patch makes the shorts.

I am not a huge fan of these but he loves the pocket.
These are my favorite, I had two fat quarters of this great flannel and as Master B has grown so much I had to sew the fabric together to make it fit my pattern so I alternated the designs.  
These are Master B's favorites, they are last years Christmas pants but he won't let me pack them away.
 (and yes he does own shoes but as you can see rarely wears them.)

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