Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miss S's Jacket - for all day everyday

I am so excited I have finally made an item of clothing that Miss S won't take off.  My greatest critic has been silenced!  This is the Make it Perfect Uptown Girl jacket.  I love Make it Perfect patterns they are right up my alley, simple, uncomplicated, fast and a perfect way to use beautiful fabrics.

I had long admired the sample of this jacket that hung in my local fabric store and finally built up the courage to try it.  Like lots of things I thought it would be way too hard for me, but it really wasn't.  I think it took longer to cut it out than it did to sew together. I really did make the whole thing in three hours with a Master Chef Master Class on in the background, which is true testament to the easy of this pattern.

Miss S choose the fabric too - with only the smallest amount of suggestion from me.
I have even had to sneak it away while Miss S was sleeping to wash it, all my dreams have come true!

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  1. What a gorgeous jacket Bec, the fabric is so pretty. The fact that she wants to wear it all the time is the best compliment isn't it:)