Monday, July 4, 2011

Party Bags

As you may have noticed we take parties and party paraphernalia very seriously.  Party Bag/take home gifts are also big business, much discussion and planning is always involved.   One of our favorites is little draw string bags.  The children choose their fabrics then we sew them up on the over locker.  I call out Go and Stop as the birthday child gets to control the presser foot.  (It is very nerve racking for me and usually we only do one or two bags like that before we all need a lie down.)   On a whole they are really easy to make and give a nice touch to party home time.

Master B's 2011 Party Bags
  After two girls I was surprised that Master B was just as keen for the fabric bags.  All kids it seems like a little pouch to put bits and pieces in.

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