Saturday, July 9, 2011

Favorite Spots To Rest My Eyes

School holidays are nearly at an end...  I would still like another week or two.  However I am looking forward to having a big tidy up and clean out when everyone is back at school.  I have a couple of spots that I like resting my eyes on when the rest of the house gets too much.
This is my red shelf with my huge reel of red thread, I brought it at a Op Shop for $6.  I love looking at it and we always know where the string is.  Just take your scissors over and snip off what ever you need. 
This is our wooden Russian Doll collection, they live up high on a shelf as I have learnt they need a bit of adult supervision (not to be opened with teeth.)  We had a nice little look at them all today then they were lovingly nested back up safe and sound.   

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