Monday, December 12, 2011

Hip Hp Horay Holiday

Tis the season for Mummy to have a big rest, today was the first day of six weeks of no school.  I don't know where to start slacking off first!  I did three loads of washing this morning and only hung them out late this afternoon, I didn't empty the dishwasher, I haven't folded the washing oh the list goes on... 

Over the weekend I commandeered the dinning table for all my sewing gear and I intend to stay there all set up for some time yet.  Please feel free to bring over a project and join me.  The family will have to eat either picnic style on the floor or up at the breakfast bar in shifts.  I am in my element.
Living room looks like this and 
the kitchen looks like this, I am not even twitching.
(Actually I think it could all look much worse.) 

My new studio at the dinner table.
 Oh oh oh and to make things better Thread and Ginger (about 10 shops down from Linny Lincraft at Vicci Point.) have just gone on sale, you know where I am going tomorrow first thing tomorrow.

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