Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yoo-hooo Etsy Can You See Me

Oh mi!  I have done it, gone and opened an Etsy store, am feeling a bit light headed from putting myself so out there!   Not sure if it is a good idea or if anything will ever sell but I have a washing basket overflowing with all the things I have been making so thought high time I did something.

I have listed a few bags and perhaps will add a few more things in the future.  It has been a good exercise and really reinforced that I need a decent camera.  The pics could be much better, I have been putting off getting a new camera ages because the research scares me, maybe it can be my holiday project...

Anyway my shop is call "I am Bec too"  because someone already had all the other cooler names I could think of.  My banner is a bit lame and needs to be a work in progress but all in all it is a bit exciting.   I have even worked out how to have a "Coupon Offer" which means if you go and choose to buy something from my shop enter "YOOHOO" into the coupon space and you get free shipping for all of Australia.

This is what I listed -

Shop link = I am Bec too...
Remember - free shipping for all of Aust with the coupon "YOOHOO"


  1. Well done Bec, and congratulations to you for opening your etsy store. Your bags look fantastic. You are so talented.