Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lace Pots and Bows

It is still teacher gift central at our house, some went off today the rest are to be gifted over the next few days.  I have three more gifts to finish out of the 7 teachers (it is a long story as to how we ended up with 7 teachers between three children.)  I have made a note to self to make sure I start earlier next year, I thought I had given myself enough time but it seems I forgot I have children a husband and a dog.

Good old Ikea has a beautiful new range of white lace work garden pots, they were just begging to be trimmed with ribbons and stuffed with goodies, perfect for gifts don't you think?

I just love my Stampin' Up ribbon collection and
double sided tape for projects like this.

Favourite colour combinations - Blue and Green 

Yellow and Pink 

Perfect size pot for a jar of biccies

Doesn't matter what the biccies taste like, they are just for show
 its all about the packaging!
Incidentally these biccies are great - Double Choc Chip's 


  1. Loving the lacey white buckety/plantery from the big Swedish store! How pretty they are now you have BECCED them..gorgeous!!

  2. Wow, Bec, those teachers are very lucky to receive these beautiful gifts. They look delightful.