Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crazy Kale

My little planting of ornamental Kale has gone berserk, I have never seen heads as big as these.  Kale makes me feel so nostalgic for the time we spent living in the UK.  Where ornamental Kale was very popular for window boxes, cast iron urns and out the front of pub plantings.  It also makes a great cut flower that lasts for ages.

It definitely grows better in the ground, I also planted
some as underplanting in pots but they have been half the size.
Up close and personal, I think the green leaves with the purple veins
are just stunning. 
My attempt at floral arrangement
 I must make doing a short floristry course a new years resolution for 2012.  I would love to be able to better arrange flowers from my garden.  I might go and hunt down some floristry blogs right now!

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