Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teacher Gifts

How do you say thank-you to teachers that have been amazing?  I don't know if a gift can really let our 2011  teachers know how much of an spectacular impact they have had on our children, our family and how much we appreciate them for that.   If there was a gift that could say all of that I bet it would be hand made.  So I have been making bags this year for our special teachers.

Teacher gifts

These are my two favourites and I think the fabrics will suit each 
teacher really well.

This one bag has a green chevron and blue chevron side.  
The bags are fully reversible with a contrasting
patterned fabric for the lining.
They also roll up and are secured with a ribbon,
very handy to keep stashed somewhere for when you
 need an emergency bag.

I am working with my I.T. department (me) to get a pattern/tutorial posted soon as these are really easy, no one can have too many.


  1. You are very good. The fabric you've chosen is very sweet and I am sure they will be loved.

  2. Yes, hand made gifts say so much to a teacher who you have loved. Your bags are gorgeous!

  3. Wow! I think your bags are the coolest teacher presents I've ever seen! I'm sure they'll love that you made them yourself too.