Thursday, November 10, 2011


Miss M and I have just been for a short sojourn to hospital, so that Miss M could have her tonsils out.  I quite like a little break in hospital (there have been so many hosp stays this year between our three children.)   Although I wouldn't recommend too many trips to hospital,  I do find it a great time to catch up on little stitching projects, read a good book or become addicted to new Apps, with the added bonus no cooking or cleaning :)
This trip I took Natalie Birds' Tis the Season Christmas Stitchings and got down to business.  I am a huge fan of all things Natalie and find stitching to be like Zen meditation for me.
The Book
My version of Natalie's Partridge, I am not sure how but I  ran out
of room for all the text and just managed to squeeze in the words "Pear tree."

I then tried a hand at my own design, a little Housewife Babushka

Me as a Babushka all Zenned out.

Miss M has made a wonderful recovery and we have lost count of how many
 ice blocks she has eaten today.  I have returned to my Housewifery.


  1. Cute babushka! Glad the tonsils came out ok too!

  2. Oh I adore redwork so much. Lovely Babushka.

    Hope your daughter is feeling much better now.

  3. Lovely embroidery! sounds like a little mini holiday for you anyway :-)

  4. When and how do you find the time for this..........?