Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Easy Peasy Boy Shorts

Master B is nearly 4 1/2 now and has had a growth spurt, which means it's time to make some more shorts.  I use the same method every time, it is really quick and lends itself well to either a baggy or a neater look.   I like big floppy shorts that protect the knees plus offer extra sun protection by covering more skin.  It is also great way to use up lots of lovely fabric bits and pieces, they wear well and are around long enough to be handed down.  These are the ones we have made this week.
You can do yoga in them

Or stand at the naughty wall - not that Master  B is every naughty
They come in orange 
Orange with bikes!

(This is the same pattern cut down a bit for a tidier look, plus
 I didn't have as enough material to make them bigger.)

and green swirly stuff.

I will post some How-To pics in the next few days.

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  1. I love the orange bike fabric. Great shorts for the Aussie summer.

  2. Great shorts! Love the bikes, I have some of that too! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing the stripey binding love!