Monday, November 7, 2011

Mount Washing

I share my sewing nook with the laundry, so on a really bad day it can look like this...
 It doesn't often get this bad at all ( I assure you Mum.)  But when it's bad it is bad, then it is time to take on Mount Washing!

So then my space can look like this ....  how much better is that?
I spent the weekend conquering mountains like these all over the house and feel so much better for it.      
 Now I just need to squeeze in some time to do some sewing!!!


  1. oh no I too hate washing. The mountains are never gone in house if it's not dirty it's clean washing waiting to be folded. I hate folding washing I dream of one day have a laundry big enough to have a basket for each person and just chuck their clean washing in it and they can do what they like with it lol I know weird dreams of a SAHM

  2. I feel so good just looking at the transformation!! Love that fat quarter bag too - cracks me up!