Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Rug-a-Long

I am having a great time with the Rag Rug-a-long malarky my Primary Carers duties have been thrown to the wind.  Although I did break my golden rule of not having food or drink anywhere near a project, and paid the price when I dropped my while cotton into my cup of tea!

I am hoping it is just the outer layers that are now tea coloured.

Could have been so much worse, imagine if the cup had gone over - Oh No
When I started sewing my spiral together I getting these messy bulky bits from the
 the excess fabric in the strip joins.  I was using the join method shown in the Bake 

shop tutorial.  So instead I sewed all my strips together on the machine and trimmed 
off all the excess fabric, much neater. 
I now have three great big bundles to plait with.
I definitely agree with other Rag Rug- a-longers that it is best
to sew it together on a flat surface to keep it all sitting nicely,
just keep cups of tea away!

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