Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are back from our camping sojourn and it was heavenly, soooo relaxing, soooo good to need and want for soooo little.   Having said all that it is also really nice to be home too.  I love walking around my garden after we have been away and noticing all the changes.  It all seems to have gone berserk in the short week we were away.

Enormous Zucchini (see the seedling punnet for scale)
The ginger flowers are stunning, will have
 to have a play arranging them as cut flowers...
Beneficial insect attracting boarder is humming with life.
Mangos!!!  This tree has only ever produced 1 mango
 in its whole 8 years so two at this stage is very exciting.
The basil has taken over, might
 have to let the chooks in tomorrow.

Not sure if I will get much time in the garden until kids back at school or until it gets a bit cooler but I am feeling a bit inspired by all this fabulous growth.

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