Monday, January 16, 2012

Totally Redecorated House

I am constantly dreaming up redecorating ideas for our house and am constantly shot down by Mr Daddy.  I would love to dabble with some wallpaper, we have this one little tiny upstairs room that is home to only one little toilet.  The room is so boxy and dull how cool would it be to open the door and find the wildest room in the house?  But it is not to be, no matter what powers of persuasion I use or promise.

So instead I thought I would wallpaper an old doll house of the girls using all my old scrap booking papers, what a great idea, what a great holiday project and what a great Mum.  So we got down the well loved wooden house which had been relegated to the back of a cupboard.   Over the years the girls and their visitors have all had a go at decorating this house so there was a bit of sticker peeling and washing to be done.
Outside - Before
Do you think that is supposed to be a big yellow lizard on the front?

 Inside - Before 

All the children had a go at painting but surprise, surprise
 I found myself alone finishing things off.  Lucky I can multi task.

Inside After 


The Funky Flamingo lounge room 

Mauve Bathroom

Any house with a mauve bathroom needs a yellow kitchen.

Blue and Green master bedroom.

And of course a pink and pretty attic playroom.  

I think I lost my "Good Mum" kudos when I refused to let every room be papered in pink.

Next we will be focusing on soft furnishings and floor covers, I am on the hunt for Contact with a wooden print.  I must also say that my urge to wall paper any part of our family home has now well and  truly past.  

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