Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Minute Infinity Scarf

The one benefit of sick kids (but not too sick) is they are really only good for watching TV which means I can sew.  I have been catching up  on all the little jobs that I have been meaning to do for ages.  I had this left over scrap of fabric, perfect for making an infinity scarf.  It was 1.5 m length and 40 cm wide.  First fold the material in half length ways, wrong side facing out.
Wizz through the overlocker to form a long tube.  Hem one of the ends.  
Turn the right way out and tuck the unhemmed end into
the sleeve of the hemmed end.  Sew a straight seam and job done.  
Loop over your head twice, for a new cosy scarf.

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  1. How I love your blog - it never ceases to surprise, impress and amaze me! X.x.