Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Finished Quilt

It was particularly cold last night and Miss M and Miss S still insist on sleeping with their ceiling fans on! I think they need the sound of gale force winds to get themselves to sleep and haven't yet realized it is no longer summer.  Although Miss S did say she was cold last night and asked "what happened to the quilt you are supposed to be making for me, why isn't it finished?"  Why indeed, how cheeky is that?  Well I had a few moments today so it is finished now.
A - side (I may have made a quilt but I still haven't
got any further on curtains for this room.)
B- Side  I used a spray adhesive between each layer for the first time
and it is great.  I still have all the ripples on the underside,
 I am not sure how to avoid that?
I am getting much better at binding
Well that should have me out of trouble when Miss S asks "What did you do today Mummy?"


  1. Good for looks lovely. I know what you mean about the ripples. I have made this mistake too. I have just traded machines and bought one with a drop feed and a walking foot....i think this is going to make a huge difference. Also a good thing to try is to start quilting in the middle and quilt to the outside, flip and quilt in opposite direction for the next row. Hope that helps...i bet your little treasure will love her quilt!

    1. Thank-you, I can see how how that would help get rid of the ripples. X

  2. I just love that question ; gets on my nerves every time !

  3. Hi Bec,
    As we have been away a fair while I have not had a peek at all your living every day, inspirational, fully functional artwork!
    What a great inspiration to people who would aspire to recycle items they would normally discard, or take on a task they felt too dawnting! You have displayed a talent to pour creative energy into most tasks you undertake,.....a feat together with your family commitments you appear to take in your stride,a task many of us would not have the mental stamina to match, let alone the commitment!
    You are a modle of enduring optimism - long may you pour your creative energy into your family life and continue your great work.
    With love from your Dad.x.