Thursday, May 10, 2012

Using up The Bits

I am feeling overwhelmed by all the lovely fabrics I have and all the new ones I want to buy.  Which means it is time to get stuck into the stash and use what I have got.  All those odd bits of scrap that I can't bring myself to part with but know I will never use.  That means its crazy quilt time.  This time I am grouping the fabrics by colour, making random blocks to then join.  I think it will be for one for the girls but not sure who is most worthy yet.
Greens and Blues

Reds and Pinks


It is actually really surprising to see that these are the
main colour groups I use.  I would never have picked it.


  1. So pretty! You've done a lovely job. I think I might have to give this kind of quilting a go (or any kind of quilting really!!!)

  2. Great idea. You're colour blocks looks fab. Lovely dovely for certain.