Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Crazy Quilting

Last week I started to sew together all my little scraps from many past projects.  Some of the scraps are so tiny but I have still been unable to part with them.   I am grouping together by colour but otherwise its pretty random.  It has got bigger and bigger and is now single quilt size.  With hindsight I would have done things with a bit more planning, as some areas I think look great and other areas not so great.  Having said all that if I had started off with lots of planning I would never have started, does that make sense?
The quilt face, I love the top navy blue area the most.
It's special to us that each fabric has it's own story.
This will be the quilt back, a bit of girly simplicity to balance the top side.
Oh and it has been decided (by the girls) that this will be for Miss S.


  1. what a great way to use up scraps and i totally get what you mean - too much planning and you wouldn't have done it! i think i love the yellow corner the best!

    1. That is so funny you like the yellow, that was my favourite when I was making it but is now the area I was most concerned about. You have made me feel much better :)