Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Days in The Garden

With all the lashings of rain we had earlier this year, coupled with the many germs going around in our house, my garden has been going to rack and ruin.  In the last week and a bit I have been having a fantastic time taming it again.  That blasted lemon tree has met with Mr Daddys' chain saw and I wasn't sad at all.

Before, see the skanky sick old lemon?
The poor thing it has been in ICU for so long now,
the real problem is the lack of sun.
 The gum trees that were seedlings ten years ago have taken over. 
After - I have planted potatoes and garlic in one bed.
Peas and herbs in another and a mixed bed of  lettuce,
silver beet, beetroot and tomatoes.  The forth bed is having a rest.

Front after, I don't have any before pics of this area, lets just say Man Eating Weeds!

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  1. Oooh I have total garden envy! I have tried to cultivate a little vegie patch but I think something has leached into our soil so nothing really grows anymore! I love the look of the raised garden beds, they look so lovely and neat. Happy gardening! :)
    xoxo Lauren