Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Beads

We have just had a lovely long weekend thanks to a pupil free day and I got a little of bit of creative mojo kick in.  It's been missing for a few weeks due to my head being else where.  I did a little bit of sewing and have some exciting ideas floating around for all that fabric I have picking up of late...

One tiny little bit of mojo goes along way, it even managed to float around while I was getting dressed this morning and made me get these beads out.   I made it last year by restringing all my odds and ends, favourite bits from broken things, glass beads from grandma and even a bead from a broken hat pin.
 I had forgotten how much I loved it and how happy all these beads make me.
 There was even enough for a bracelet.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely and happy necklace and bracelet set and even better that you made it from pre-loved beads. BTW thanks for the lovely comment on my blog regarding my crochet blanket and yes you're most welcome to 'pin it'!