Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Science Bag

It's the Kindy Dad's Science Night this Friday night.  Master B and Mr Daddy are off to kindy for a night of backyard science.  They have a list of materials they need to take with them including - the obligatory toilet roll tubes, tin cans, string, straws etc.  So that means I need to make a boy science bag to put it all in!  Perfect project for that gorgeous boy fabric I got a few weeks ago from my beloved Thread and Ginger. 
Messenger style, with velcro to secure so supplies don't escape.
Kid size
Nice and deep for those long cardboard tubes.
Easy adjustable sizing with a knot tied at the top.


  1. love the fabrics you used in this! its very sweet.

  2. Great! Nice & deep the way a good bag should be! AND I adore the fabric too!

  3. Beautiful fabric - how fun to find the perfect use for it! Cyndy

  4. gorgeous fabric and gorgeous bag...i think they'll have a great night

  5. so gorgeous! the fabric is just so darn cute!