Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Grandad Man Pants

During each of my pregnancies, before we knew baby's gender I would be really worried "What if it's a boy, boy shopping and crafting is really disapointing..."  As my first two babies were girls I didn't have to face the commercial world of poor shopping options or look past pink fabric.  However baby number three was a boy!

I can only do so much Ben Ten and Spiderman, I don't like t-shirts with teddy bears in monster trucks or obnoxious ditty's about how cool his Dad is.   I have since learnt that boys can be really fun to make clothes for, and I am having a great time making things for him in a pink-less pallet.  This is what I made yesterday ... we call them Little Grandad Man Pants.

Master B loves soft flannels, pockets and measuring things.  Mr Daddy wasn't keen on the exposed selvedge hem line ( he was quite rude in fact.)  Master B loves them and told Mr Daddy in no uncertain terms "the fluffy bit are the best bits they feel so nice."  I think they are frills for boys!


  1. I've never entered the world of sewing for boys, but I think these pants look really smart and lots of fun to wear. I found your sweet blog via our creative space and it has been fun to have a read.

  2. Those pants are wonderful! I was just thinking about boys pants today (amidst bunting!) xx Rach