Friday, August 26, 2011

More Birthday Cup Cakes

The last in the Trilogy of childrens birthdays is upon us.  Miss S is 7!  We cranked up the production line and pumped out 30 cup cakes to take to school today.  We kept it simple and went for an individual monochromatic scheme which collectively formed a rainbow:)  As seen on Pinterest - Love you Pinterest!
The children were responsible for sorting the M&M's into bowls of each individual colour.  Master B was in charge of Blue and took it very seriously, he wouldn't even touch the colours that weren't his.  Miss S did bust Master B eating some and was outraged at the gross contravention our hygiene rules.   She screamed out "NO" which prompted him to spit the whole mouthful of blue back into the blue bowl.....  I don't know who was more upset him or her.  Fortunately we managed to get fresh blue M&M's but I would suggest the immune compromised pick another colour cup cake.


  1. Great idea for decorating cupcakes. My youngest turns 12 this Sunday and I thought I might make a rainbow cake which I've seen on Pinterest.

  2. Really cute, especially for those boys who won't eat a cupcake that looks pink for a girl (not my boy though, with 3 big sisters, he is into pink, still, aged 7). I've seen a few blogs lately say their school doesn't allow cakes to be brought in??
    Finally, a big happy birthday in your household, love Posie