Monday, August 1, 2011

New Buttons

Don't new buttons sunny a place up.  I have a set of red vintage styled Doodlebug buttons that I picked up ages ago.  I can't walk past a well presented pack of buttons, they wink at me and call my name till I make them mine.  (The legal buying them way of making them mine, not the shoplifting illegal way.)  I love to liven up a cardi that has seen better days with some fresh buttons.  Here is an old Target cardi with it's original buttons falling off.  

My Cardi with it's new buttons, much nicer I think you agree.
I worked with a lady once who really did have a button phobia.  She couldn't wear buttons and nothing in her house had any buttons.  If someone in the office had a button pop off a blouse she would stand on a chair until the wayward button had been found.  Isn't that amazing, it was really serious for her, she could make jokes about it and knew it was irrational but had no idea where her phobia had come from.  Imagine if I had a fabric phobia, we would be rich.

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