Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love this Mag - Mollie Makes

I love this Magazine, have you seen it?    Mollie Makes - it is new and from English quite like Frankie but with heaps more craft.

After lots of waiting and chasing I managed to get issue one and three from a local news agent. The first copy came with a little craft kit,  how good are English mags for their high quality Gifts With Purchase.  I love a good GWP.  I haven't been able to get issue two and issue the copy of issue 3 I got was without a GWP craft kit but I think it was supposed to have one.  Kit or not it is still a great mag that is really on trend.

This is the GWP kit, everything you need to make this pouch, how good is that!
This is my finished pouch, I am not great at following instructions so fudged a few things
 and I think my bird needs an eye.
 I also machine stitched it as I was sitting at my sewing table when I cut it out.
It was too tempting to machine it, subsequently I feel like I cheated.


  1. Lucky you! I've seen this magazine around on various blogs but haven't seen it in our parts yet. Perhaps I should ask my local bookshop.

  2. Oh my newsagent took forever to find a copy of issue 4 for me, she was so excited she rang me at 8a.m. yesterday squealing, "it's here, i got ONE copy" & i was in there straight after school drop off. I bought a subscription, easier, but i would have loved the first 3 issues!! Love Posie

  3. I just subscribed, awesome subscription offer for this month, but I am going to struggle with having missing issues.