Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Instant Scarf

I (like many women) have a built in barometer to let me know the season is about to change and that is when I come to loath and detest all my clothes.   You know when you are so sick of wearing the same thing for months on end and want to take the lot to Vinnies and start again.  It's not quite time to get the summer gear out and there is no point in buying anymore warm gear.  So I made do with a new scarf...   

Really easy, just a meter of fabric from spotty, cut in half and then sew the two ends together with a french seam.  I over-locked around the edges with a three thread rolled hem.  If I were making it for anyone else I would properly hem it on my sewing machine and even change the threads to match.
Makes my winter uniform of grey on grey with a pop of black much nicer.


  1. It is an excellent plan. I'm also in the wardrobe doldrums so I am off to rummage through the stash in search of something interesting.

  2. Such a lovely spring looking scarf and an inexpensive way to brighten up your wardrobe. Yes I know what you mean, I'm totally over my winter wardrobe!