Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bag Save

I made Miss M a new library bag the other day and it turned out really badly.  It was late in the day and was the last project on the list of things I was trying to get done.  So I was looking for short cuts and hating every moment of it.  Not surprisingly the finished project was lame.  Even Miss M thought it was lame, she tried to use it and loved the fabric but trying to get away with only sewing on one handle and not two was never going to work.  
Before -The Yucky before bag.
  I hated seeing it passively hanging on the hallway hook every-time I went past.
 It was taunting me for wasting such great Amy Butler Oilcloth.
After - Much better

 I was feeling so energized after doing all my little niggly jobs on the weekend that I thought I should have a go at trying to fix it.  I started by unpicking the lining and sewing in a gusset to give it some shape.   Then unpicked the dodgy single handle and added a two proper handles finished with some striped ribbon to trim the top.

I fixed a bag and I like it!
After - the new look bag

Before          and         After  


  1. I agree the finished design is SO much better. I applaud you for making it work rather than just sighing and giving up. The fabric is gorgeous! Is Miss M still allowed the bag or has mummy claimed it??

  2. Great bag and well done for rescuing it

  3. Well worth the time to make it better. The new version is well balanced and gorgeous!

  4. The new bag makes much more sense and is sure to be well loved. I am impressed that you had the patience to go back and rework it.

  5. You did a great job of fixing the bag. Where would we be without our unpickers? I do like the contrasting fabrics.

  6. Great save ... hope Miss M loves her bag now!

  7. Looks much better.. but.. did it get Miss M's seal of approval?

  8. Good job. Nothing so annoying as a project not in use.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment and story sharing, too!

  9. Great bag makeover Bec! It looks much more practical now with 2 handles! Doesn't it feel good to get those annoying jobs all done.