Monday, October 17, 2011

A New Nightie

This weekend my challenge was to finish off all those incomplete niggly little projects and I got a few done - Air Punching!  Here is one of them ....

Miss S is quite partial to a cute nightie but we are finding it harder to get nice nighties in sizes larger than a six.  For this one I have used a Make it Perfect  girls dress pattern (Wonderland,)  - Toni's patterns are in my language.  This is my first foray in sewing with Jersey Knit and I must admit it has taken me about three months.  I started it full of enthusiasm but every time things got a bit tricky I put it to one side.  I did go and buy a double needle and had good intentions of sewing properly but buying the bits and pieces is always easier than using them, don't you find?

Anyway I ended up hemming with good old zig zag and left the sleeve edges raw which leaves the new needles in their packet.  Miss S said she liked the sleeves this way and that they felt nicer so everyone is happy. 

I need a course, Knit Wit evening courses were all  rage for the 80's House Wife.  I remember Mum doing the Knit Wit sewing course,  all of us kids got new togs that heavily featured zig zag.  Did your Mum do the course, what did you get?

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