Thursday, October 6, 2011

Peacock Pin Cushion

Pin cushion swap mail out date is tomorrow and I have just got my cushion done in time.  Meet my version of the Peacock from the Liberty Book of Home Fashion,  I am chuffed with how he turned out.  I used a few less tail feathers than the pattern as I was getting a bit fed up with them and I didn't have any felt to do the eyes but if you just see him by himself I don't think it matters.

I cut out all the pieces to make two and left them on my desk hoping some
little elves may come in overnight and sew them up for me.
No such luck with the elves, Mr Peacock number two is waiting to be assembled.
I have lots of plans now for altering the pattern to make all sort of poultry, chickens, ducks, swans etc.


  1. What a fantastic job! I just love the result.

  2. He's adorable!! I wish i had seen this swap! Shame i dont live closer, could swing by and sew him it when things are just sitting ready!

  3. He has found his way to his new home... and we adore him, thank you. XX