Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tidy up Tuesday

My house is overwhelming me again....  I need you Mr Clutter expert Peter Walsh!  Small steps, deep breaths and one room in at a time.   At the beginning of the year life dictated the need for some home schooling so we turned our dining area into a home class room and I became Mrs Mummy (Mrs Mummy can be very mean and cross.)  But our days are much sunnier now and we no longer need our full time, home class room so its time to change back to a dining area.
This is our make shift class room, which I will always regard fondly. 
Most of the furniture has been moved into place, it's just this Hutch that I have
been putting off dealing with.  The hutch has become a bit of a dumping ground, on
Sunday it reached critical mass!  So my clean up has began, one shelf at a time.
I have only got three done so far.
Shelves one and two, you can see what I am going for here,
 clean and uncomplicated - I hope.
Shelf three, I know its on the busy side but I do so like busy.
It's a work in progress...

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