Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Creative Seals

The first of my "Molly Makes" magazine by subscription came yesterday and it is as beautiful and inspiring as ever.  There has been very little creating this week at our house just lots of work, work work.  The girls practically snatched the magazine (issue 6) from my hands and devoured it with lots of ohhhs and arahhs.  We came across the Felt Sea Pups and the girls begged "Can we make them, can we make them!"  So we did, dinner was thrown to the wind and so was homework and we crafted all evening how wild is that!
Not quite as flash as the ones featured in Molly Makes
but I doubt Molly's ones were made by 7 and 9 year olds
Work in progress
Finished product, without the magazine
background I am not sure they quite look like seals... we love them.
Click here for the template!


  1. They're really cute. I think they did a great job making those seals:)

  2. Super cute indeedy... and nothing better than some spontaneous craft. They make for magic memories. YAY!