Monday, October 24, 2011


My Sister-in-law Emy, ordered some of the new Stampin' Up fabrics for me.  I had been very excited about fabric being added to the Stampin Up collection.  Although I must say they were not as exciting as the papers can be.  Some of the prints are fantastic but most of them lack luster, maybe they were trying to keep safe?   I set my self the task of making something Emy could use when she is demonstrating - a pencil/tool case.  This would mean a zipper!  Zippers scare me almost as much as bias binding.  Then I remembered Dear Flossy Teacakes and her zipper tutorial...  now mine looks nothing like as professional as Flossies' but I get the gist of it and next time I am sure I will be much better.

I love this Cameo print, it is just fantastic!
This fabric set comes with the Cameo, black and white floral and the
maroon and white floral (I used the maroon as the liner.)  I am not so fussed
on the maroon but love the black, white and red together.
I think the fabrics work well as small projects,
which I guess is a paper craft companies main direction.

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