Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumkin Pie Pin Cushion

We had a lovely week this week that included parcels!! Who doesn't love a parcel I just have to try and get to it before the children rip it apart and claim the contents.  My pin cushion swap arrived, wrapped in a dinky piece of vintage sheet and I just love it.  The cushion is orange on top and green underneath and looks just like a home grown pumpkin.  I went to get my pins and came back to the table to find my little pumpkin missing... the girls had made it a lions throne in one of their elaborate games.  (I did let them finish the game before taking it back.)

I saw this cushions when it was made, posted on Around Arthur's Table  and thought how lovely, I could try and make one like that, I could even crochet it !  Then I had stern words with myself to bring me back to reality that I would never be able to crochet that, and spent  a couple of days planing how to make one in fabric and now I don't have to.  Fancy that, what a nice piece of serendipity!  Thank-you Mama Arthur

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  1. I'm so glad you like it! I must say though when I saw MY cushion, I felt a little like I'd ripped you off!