Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing

Have you heard about Liberty's new book?  It's stunning!  A few weeks ago Flossie Teacakes did a review of the book and I raced straight to The Book Depository to get my copy.   Mine has arrived and it  is Bewdifulllllll.  The fabric cover had me straight away, I don't think I've had a fabric covered book of my own before.   It makes me feel so nostalgic for London and the days spent loitering in Liberty trying to absorb all it's goodness. Reminding me fondly of Kelly teaching me about the who, what, when and why of fashion and trying to find something cheap enough for a Backpacker to buy!
The Book
Some other niceties of the book are these stunning full page prints of some of Liberty's best and finest.
At the back there is a  photo index of the fabrics used in the projects.  This index is complete
with a short history of each design.  I love you Liberty.

The book has many lovely projects to get stuck into but one took my breath away and then made my heart race...  It's this Peacock Pin cushion - how timely for a pin cushion swap.  He has captured my imagination completely.
The project 
With no time to wait for online fabric ordering we raced to one of our local stores to find the nearest match.  
The Fabric


  1. Oh this book looks absolutely gorgeous and that peacock is just beautiful. You have a great excuse to make it too :-)

  2. ok I am trying to find this book for this pin cushion as I collect peacocks...cannot find it ....could you send me the ISBN number off the back so I can see if it is still available for sale. thank you